Laser Treatment

Orthodontists have long been challenged by gingival (gum) problems associated with orthodontic treatment. Short teeth prevent ideal placement of braces and diminish the effectiveness of Invisalign treatment. Delayed eruption of impacted teeth often results in additional appointments and extended treatment times. And other challenges like a gummy smile or an uneven gumline can ruin the appearance of an otherwise straight smile.

Fortunately, Dr. Tracey pioneered the use of dental lasers in orthodontics to address these problems. He has published numerous articles on lasers including the very first article on the subject in the orthodontic literature (Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, May 2004), created an online laser continuing education course, lectured on the subject all over the world, and authored the chapter entitled "Lasers in Orthodontics" in the fifth edition of the internationally respected textbook Orthodontics, Current Principles and Techniques. Just for fun, you might want to Google "laser + Stephen Tracey" and see how many times Dr. Tracey turns up.

The laser procedures are painless and performed without injections. Here are some examples of laser procedures performed by Dr. Tracey here in the office:

Laser for web page 1b

Laser for web page 2b

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